O2 Post-Production will be responsible for all of the effects including the conform work and the color correction for the feature film Pluft, o Fantasminha (Pluft, the Little Ghost) by director Rosana Svartman. It’s being filmed in Rio de Janeiro.

The effects supervisor is Sandro Di Segni, the compositing supervisor is Liciani Vargas, and the color correction supervisor is Fabio Souza.

This feature film is being shot in stereo 3D, a technique used by large Hollywood productions, but which has never been used in Brazil. It involves using 2 cameras to film at the same time, where each camera represents a human eye, giving a sense of depth perception.

“Our sense of depth perception comes from the different perspectives offered by our 2 eyes and the processing of these 2 images in our brain. In stereo film, we basically have the same effect. We film with 2 cameras, one for each eye and afterwards we reproduce the images which are separated by glasses we need to use to see these films,” explains Sandro.

Sandro di Segni on the film set.

Some scenes present challenges in terms of capturing them in this manner, such as drone images, for example. The cinema cameras are heavy and lifting 2 of them together with the stereo rig would be difficult, as well as unstable. We decided to film these images with one camera and we’ll convert these images into stereo later. To do this, the O2 Post-Production 3D team will model the entire cliff location in Sibaúma where the film was made, an area of approximately five thousand square feet that was scanned with photogrammetric techniques using film drones and ground photos. After modeling the entire terrain, the image of the second eye will be created using the filming from a single eye.

In addition to this, we’ll be inserting the “ghost house” in this location. The house will be created digitally, but it’ll be based on scenes produced for the film.

The ghosts that make up a large part of the story of Pluft will also be created and placed in the film by the O2 Post-Production effects team, and some scenes will feature digital stunt doubles which we’ll superimpose characters on top of and recreate them using a computer for scenes that are impossible to film. There are 5 main ghost characters which involve most of the film’s effects.

The film has been completely storyboarded so that we can visualize all the effects, and this has been extremely important during filming. We’re always referring to the scenes and how they were designed. We have lots of shots including some with just the ghosts, which will only be filmed next year, and other shots that will have real actors acting opposite the ghosts and the drawings help us always know where the ghosts are.

The film is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Rosane Svartman in a photo taken by Zé Dias, the film’s photographer.