Fernando Meirelles will be the executive producer and a creative consultant for the documentary entitled The Great Green Wall, which will deal with climatic change.

The film will be made with financial support from the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and will present the “Great Green Wall” Project, which is currently working on building a 5,000 mile wall of trees and plants across Africa.

Map of the Great Green Wall.

The film’s producer will be the British production company Make Productions, and the director will be the British-Nigerian filmmaker Joseph Adesunloye.

The film will tell its story as seen through the eyes of Malian singer and model Inna Modja and will also feature other African and international singers and musicians.

In the photo above, singer and model Inna Modja.

Filming is scheduled to take place this summer in Senegal, Mali, Niger, Ethiopia and Nigeria. The documentary will be presented at the next European Film Market in Berlin.

Fernando Meirelles tells us that he found out about the “Great Green Wall” project while he was preparing the Opening Ceremony for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, which he directed and which also dealt with climate change. “I was blown away by the scale of the project. The Great Green Wall is an environmental and social project: it’s very important that we support it. This will be a documentary full of hope about a positive initiative.”