Learn a bit about the plot of 13 Dias Longe do Sol (13 Days Far From the Sun), the new series that O2 is producing for the Globo Network, written by Elena Soares and Luciano Moura and under his overall direction. The art director is Marcelo Escañuela and the director of photography is Ralph Strelow.

In the series, the engineer Saulo Garcez (Selton Melo) is ready to deliver a top level medical center. But in order to become the controlling partner of the Baretti construction firm, where he’s worked for years, Saulo has taken dangerous shortcuts including manipulating the project’s structural calculations and using cheap labor and material of inferior quality and quantity. The results of these choices will turn out to be tragic.

The day on which Marion Rupp (Carolina Dieckmann) is scheduled to inspect the construction project to understand why it’s behind schedule, the building collapses. Marion isn’t just the daughter of the doctor for whom the building is being constructed, Dr. Rupp (Lima Duarte). She is also the woman who Saulo has just discovered is the love of his life.

Saulo, Marion and seven workers survive in the rubble, trapped in what’s left of the underground garage and unable to communicate with the outside world. After the building falls, two worlds are established. Underground, the differences, rancor and suspicions that the people feel have to be put aside as the survivors fight for their lives. And these people, of different ages and classes, have one thing in common: the desire to see the sun again.

Above ground, those still alive are in a state of war. Each one is trying to save his or her own skin. Gilda (Debora Bloch), Baretti’s financial director and Saulo’s partner in the plan to save money to become partners at the construction firm, does everything she can to absolve herself from legal blame for the collapse. Vitor Baretti (Paulo Vilhena), the bon vivant heir of the construction company, finds himself in the eye of a hurricane that he’s being avoiding his entire life.

But not everything is greed, cowardice and betrayal in the world above ground. Fireman Major Marco Antônio (Fabrício Boliveira) is ready to give his own life to rescue those buried in the rubble. He owes this to the families who are maintaining a vigil around the building’s ruins. These will be 13 days far from the sun for those buried in the ground, and 13 days of terrible plots by those who on whom the sun insists on shining.”

In the photo above, director Luciano Moura and actors Pedro Wagner (with his back turned) and Enrique Diaz.

In the photo above we see director Luciano Moura (with his back turned) and the actors Paulinho Vilhena and Débora Bloch (with her back turned).

The series stars Selton Melo, Carolina Dieckmann, Lima Duarte, Debora Bloch, Paulinho Vilhena, Enrique Diaz, Camila Márdila, Pedro Wagner, and Fabrício Boliveira, among others.